Water Filtration Media Water Filtration Media

Kleen Industrial Services is a direct distributor of Anthracite, Silica Sand, Filter Gravel, Garnet, Greensand Plus™, and Well Pack Solutions.

Our 20 Silica Sand filter media complies with AWWA Standard B100-01 and NSF/ANSI Standard 61

Kleen Industrial Services is a leading supplier of filtration sand in California, Oregon and Washington. We mine and stock various types of filtration sand and can supply any size project. Green sand filters are another popular filtration sand that is available. Sand water filters use various types of sands and Kleen Industrial Services can supply sand filters which include 20 silica sand, greensand filter and most other industrial filter sands.

Industrial Waste Recycling Industrial Waste Recycling

Kleen Industrial Services provides innovative options for waste management and disposal services & spent abrasive recycling.

We comply with RCRA regulations (RCRA spent material recycling), 40 CFR Section 261.4, CUPA, California’s Health & Safety Code in section 25143 and Excluded Recyclable Materials (25143.9)