Spent Refinery & Industrial Materials

Kleen Industrial Services provides innovative and responsible options for refinery and industrial waste management. KIS Reuse and Recycling program demonstrates our commitment to minimizing industrial waste streams and polluted landfills. Manufacturing processes do tremendous damage every day to our local environment by sending huge amounts of waste to the landfill, in turn damaging the air, land and water. Much of this waste cannot be assimilated by nature butcan be beneficially reused by other industry and are the “nutrients” of the ‘next cycle production’. We work with each client (suppliers and end users) to develop long-term sustainable solutions. Kleen Industrial Services is not simply about compliance. We’ve found if you address sustainability, compliance takes a back seat as a “non-issue”. KIS provides complete documentation suits and track material “cradle-to-cradle”, when beneficially reused, there is no “grave”. The KIS comprehensive Recycling/Disposal program encompasses the following areas:

  • Project Initiation
  • Temporary Storage
  • Sample & Document Procurement
  • Testing & Material Designation
  • Disposal or Recycling Recommendation
  • Transportation
  • Complete Documentation and Recycling Certificate

The following refinery waste suitable for alternate raw materials are some examples of candidates for the KIS reuse and recycling program: Iron, alumina, FCC catalysts, Claus catalyst, bottom, ash, fly ash, flue gas desulphurization FDG, and process cakes.

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