Kleen Cycle

Kleen Cycle

Project Initiation:
Kleen Industrial Services has over 10 years experience in cost effective spent abrasives recycling. We strive to reduce costs by developing the appropriate disposal or recycling option. Selecting the most effective material for blasting is another key element in the Kleen Cycle, proper material selection reduces wasted valuable time and increases productivity. Kleen Industrial Services defines waste as any cost that does not produce value to its customers. Waste includes what we don’t go right the first time; un-necessary testing, misdirected shipments, and incorrect invoicing. Lean manufacturing processes involve eliminating waste thereby improving profitability.

Sampling and Stewardship:
Improper management of spent abrasive can create a liability that lasts forever. Businesses must protect themselves by ensuring that spent material is recycled or disposed of in a manner that meets or exceeds applicable State, Federal and Local regulations. Even unintentional errors and poor record keeping can result in costly penalties and clean-up costs. Kleen Industrial Services provides full recordkeeping and stewardship of spent material as required by California DTSC CCR Title 22 section 66262.11, EPA 40 CFR section 261.4 and are eligible for recycling exclusion pursuant to California HSC 25143.2(d)(5). We also provide a Certificate of Recycling upon project completion.

Testing and Designation:
Very often spent abrasives are miss-classified as an industrial waste, causing needless expense. KIS has partnered with independent laboratories for fast and accurate analytical testing. Kleen Industrial Services trained staff will review and appropriately designate spent materials and maintain all records in compliance with both State and Federal requirements.

Transportation / Logistics:
Kleen Industrial Services understand the difficulties involved in handling large and small quantities of spent abrasives. We provide logistical support in handling these materials that includes transportation, vacuum, and debris bin rental services.

Beneficial Reuse:
We do tremendous damage every day to our local environment by sending huge amounts of waste to the landfill, in turn damaging the air, land and water. Industrial process generate enormous amounts of waste which cannot be assimilated by nature but can be beneficially reused by other industry and are the “nutrients” of the next cycle of production.

Sustainable Operations:
Kleen Industrial Services is not simply about compliance. We’ve found if you address sustainability compliance takes a back seat as a “non-issue”. We provide full Chain-of-Custody documentation and can follow the material cradle, when beneficially reused there is no “grave”.

Closing the Loop:
With them ever escalating, price of energy transportation costs have skyrocketed. Kleen Industrial Services understands that consolidating loads and backhauls helps maintain profitability and lower emissions.

PDF Kleen Cycle Program (PDF – 1.18MB)